Radiant Magazine has been such a fun publication to work for the last couple of years. I love their commitment to quality content and visuals that inspire and uplift young, Catholic women. In their last issues, Summer 2019, I had the privilege to write the theme article on BEAUTY! Here’s a sneak peak…

I like to open myself to God’s qualities only enough that they don’t scare me too much. I like truths that make me feel good about myself, but I become defensive or dejected when I recognize one new flaw in my character or sinful habit. I love goodness as long as I am comfortably performing a select number of good deeds each day, but I find myself shying away from the purity of purpose and utter selflessness of the saints. And it’s tempting to like beauty when it is gentle and tidy like a calligraphy print of an inspirational quote that is too familiar to shock me into change. But when I look at the riotous beauty of my flower garden, the limitless joy of my children chasing a kite and the searing heat and light of the sun masterfully balanced in distance and angle so that we can enjoy a blazing sunset, I know that God’s beauty is not reduced to the momentary thrill of fashion trends and home goods patterns.

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