During the last days of summer vacation, it’s easy for everyone to get a little irritable. Creativity is running low, temperatures are running high and last-minute vacations and school prep tempt parents to grab an extra iced latte to get them through the afternoon.

In the middle of this bustle, the Church gives us the Feast of the Transfiguration. We remember when Christ brought His three closest disciples onto the fruitful Mount Tabor and gave them a glimpse into His divine glory. Celebrated Aug. 6, this feast serves as the perfect reminder to me to pause and see the people around me as they truly are before I plunge into the routine of another school year. …

As I watch my children grow, I have realized that God frequently gives us more than one Mount Tabor moment in our lives. There are “mini-Tabors” just as there are “mini-Calvaries.”

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Additionally, my editor was thoughtful enough to give an extra shout-out in this edition to the book that I had the honor of contributing a chapter towards.

What didn’t make it into the article was the way God seems to think I need a dose of humility with every mission or affirmation He sends me. [He’s probably right.] Only a few minutes after I received the email asking me to contribute towards Spirit and Life, I somehow managed to get an entire pot worth of gelatinous, old chicken stock poured over top of my head as I was feeding it to my chickens. [I know; they are cannibals.] I challenge you to find anyone else with that gem of a life experience … The best part is, I walked back into the house, and the kids didn’t even notice I had globs of putrid chicken-essence running down my face. They just started asking when lunch would be ready like usual.

You can read the more flattering side of the story HERE.

Picture credit: Transfiguration by Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov, 1824