Kelly has spoken at universities, schools, and retreat centers throughout the eastern United States to groups ranging in age from middle school students to adults.  Whether she presents a paper on feminine vulnerability in the works of Jane Austen or regales college students on the steps of an Aztec temple with stories taken from the diaries of Cortez’ right hand man, Kelly’s passion for faith, literature, and culture inspires her audiences.  Mixing past and present and finding the relevancy of the traditional within the realm of the modern, Kelly reaches her listeners with her synthetic approach to topics and practical exhortations.

Other topics she enjoys speaking about:

  • Feminine genius as explored by 20th century Catholics
  • Concepts of heroism & lives of the saints
  • The purpose of pain and suffering
  • The role of beauty in a life of faith
  • Chastity (especially for teens and young adults), true love, & Christian dating
  • Literary studies on classics by authors like Dante, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Lewis, Tolkien, & O’Connor, and especially on applying thier lessons to life
  • How to establish a prayer life
  • Character & leadership development for teens and young adults
  • Motherhood, its challenges and blessings
  • Education in a technological society

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