I have been a student, Catholic missionary, English teacher, youth minister, and writer. But my greatest blessing has been to love and be loved as a wife and mother.

I homeschool my four rambunctious children–aged 8 and below. Sometimes that looks like reading Secret Garden, learning piano, and painting icons. Other times that looks like ignoring the mounting dishes while we care for an orphaned vole named Oliver.

And when I’m not navigating dinosaur migrations across my kitchen floor, trying out

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Disclaimer: This is not my goat. I only have chickens. But isn’t life better with baby goats in it?

new recipes on unsuspecting guests, and sneaking extra sweatshirts into my son’s backpack before a camping trip, I like to read and write.

I hope you enjoy the ramblings on my blog and take a moment to check out some of my recently published projects on my “Writing” page.

Here’s my post on why my blog is called “breeding lilacs.”

Side Note: To protect the privacy of my kids a bit, I won’t use facial pictures of them or their real names. Here are their “blog names”: Little Man (our oldest who captures my heart with his love of exploration and discovery), Maggie (b/c she collects shiny things like the proverbial magpie), Sunny (the one who waves like Miss America from the shopping carts), and Pearl (because the world will never understand why I wanted to have a forth kid, yet she’s my treasure).

Kelly J. Henson