The antidote to a world full of shame and shaming is not pride, it is humility. True humility, as made manifest in the Sacred Heart, is the prerequisite both for giving and for receiving authentic love. Humility knows and loves the other in a holistic way, supporting them through their struggles and temptations but never stooping to identify the beloved by those failings.

In order to respect the true rights of every individual, we must engage in a campaign of humility. I believe Christ, under the particular image of His Sacred Heart, has already launched this initiative and invites us to spread His message of hope.

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P.S. Congratulations to the Catholic News Herald for winning “Best Overall Newspaper” Award from the Catholic Press Association during their annual awards ceremony! Other awards won by the paper included accolades for a vocation article by my good friend Annie Furguson and a 2nd place award for our Editorial section, “Viewpoints.”


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