“Winds buffet poor souls to and fro, whipping them out of control as they cling to one another in a desperate attempt to avoid contact with any of the other people hurtling through the storm. Believe it or not, this is not an artistic description of our hearts and minds during the last three months; it’s Dante’s imaginative rendering of the first circle of hell. Yet after the past several months, it sounds relatable.

“It’s a time to ask lots of questions, but we must focus on the right questions – the ones that lead to truth, trust and hope, questions of what the Christian life is and who God is.

“We are not living in some hellish landscape. We are people on a pilgrimage to heaven. Each nuance of social distancing, inter-racial dialog, and political positioning has to begin with questions that keep us centered on our identity and on our goal.”

Read more at The Catholic News Herald article “Don’t let the winds of change harden your heart to love, peace” [which is the longest title ever pinned onto one of my op-eds ever…]