This Fall, thanks to the talented editor Rose Rea, I had the honor to contribute a reflection on the Eucharist to the beautiful new book, Spirit and Life, released by Sophia Press in March 2019.

I love the intention of this book … in a modern climate of scandal and hurt from abuses by the leaders of our Church, we are reminded that we are members of this Church because of Christ and the Sacraments He gave us in order to infuse our lives with His Grace. Each Sacrament is explored through the teachings of the Church, the insights of the early Church Fathers and saints, and the eyes of modern Catholic writers and apologists.


Additionally, stunning and bright photography of exquisite American churches reminds us of our rich cultural heritage, which has drawn inspiration from Catholic teaching for centuries.

Part coffee-table book, part catechesis, part spiritual meditation–this book is a feast for the eyes, mind, and heart that can be enjoyed in small bits (or all at once, like I was tempted to do when I saw a preview). Pre-order it for encouragement for yourself, for insight for a questioning friend, or as a gift for someone just coming into the Church and excited about all that Mother Church wants to offer.

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