This Fall it was a pleasure to work again with Radiant Magazine on their Fall 2018 issue on Surrender. They asked me to write about cultivating wonder, which is one of my favorite topics as a former literature teacher and a current, home school mother of four. I think the ability to wonder is intrinsically connected to happiness.

Wonder is the ability to respond deeply to the truth, goodness, or beauty of something you sense or consider. It is part of seeing things well. And it’s the way my children respond to every puddle they ever encounter.

When I glanced through the shelves at our local bookstore earlier this week, I was overwhelmed by how many books taught “mindfulness.” This quality is connected to wonder, but I think our Catholic faith gives us a deeper capacity to develop in this area. When we enter into meditation or even just quiet wonder, we are connecting with a Person who created all of this. And He has the opportunity to teach us more about the essence of the world around us and its beauty and interconnectedness than even our astute observations can offer.

For more tips on how to develop a heart full of wonder, check out Radiant!

Image Credit: Radiant Magazine