breeding liliacs

Philippians 4:8

Dear Mama: Creating Culture

At the end of the day, sometimes it may seem like your work has been barren or purposeless. The kitchen floor you swept is coated in crumbs and the detritus created by small fingers, safety scissors, and yesterday's mail. Toes and... Continue Reading →

Dr. Strange and the Transfiguration

[Spoiler Alert Warning & a Disclaimer: I'm not a meta-physicist, but I like thinking about those sorts of things.] I just saw Doctor Strange last night. I know, I'm on the "new to Redbox/Netflix/Amazon" schedule of seeing movies rather than... Continue Reading →

Facing My Limitations

There are days when I just come straight up against my limitations, and it's hard to look away. It's like a car wreck--I experience the day going downhill in slow motion and an objective part of my mind watches it... Continue Reading →

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