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2019 is the Year for Candles & Cake!

Let's be honest, New Year's resolutions are hard to keep. Check out my Catholic News Herald article for a new habit you might be excited to keep all year long ... Why is it that we tend to make New... Continue Reading →

Radiant Magazine: A Choice for Good

If you don't know what to put in your daughter's stocking this year or gift to an older god-child or Confirmation candidate, I'm here to help. You want to grab a copy of Radiant Magazine's latest edition (Winter 2018). You... Continue Reading →

Advent: What will you imagine?

Hello friends! I have a new op-ed column over at the Catholic News Herald. I hope to offer practical tips and stories to help families integrate Faith into daily life. What topics would you like to hear about? This month's... Continue Reading →

Radiant Magazine: On Wonder

This Fall it was a pleasure to work again with Radiant Magazine on their Fall 2018 issue on Surrender. They asked me to write about cultivating wonder, which is one of my favorite topics as a former literature teacher and... Continue Reading →

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